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 Silk #2
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Thursday, February 26th
Trivia Contest 8PM - 10PM
Superman II: Donner Cut 10PM - Midnight

FREE to all comers, swing by our DeKalb store on the last Thursday of February for a Superman Trivia night (prizes for first and second place) and a screening of Superman II: The Donner Cut.
So the story, if you don't know, about The Donner Cut, is that Superman: The Movie and Superman II were shot simultaneously to save on costs, but due to a falling out between director Richard Donner and producers Alex and Ilya Salkind, much of what Donner shot for Superman II was scrapped in favor of new footage by replacement director Richard Lester. In 2006, Donner revisited Superman II and Warner Bros. released The Donner Cut, which did its best to reassemble Donner's vision for the movie from the deleted footage, as well as outtakes and screen tests.
For a project cobbled together, it mostly works, with much of Lesters slapstick comedy and absurdity (which would drag Superman III down into the mire) excised in favor of the more reverent treatment the characters received in the first movie. It's far from perfect, but you'll have the chance to pass withering judgment for yourself after you sit in on our showing. Stop by, grab a Coke, and enjoy! It's FREE!


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Amazing Spider-Man #15
Written by Dan Slott
Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli
Reviewed by Kevin Healy
     I don't think its fair to call this book an epilogue. It feels like the end to the story, not a capper. As a capper, its much better than last issue. As 'the end', its also better than last issue, and since last issue was the only disappointment in the series proper, we've got a pretty good issue here. Dan Slott isn't shy about setting up more conflict with Otto. I don't think we've seen the end of the Superior Spider-Man by a long shot. While that's one of the big issues left hanging after part 6, I think it would have been bolder to have Peter and Otto talk their way through their unusual predicament. We also learn the identity of the master weaver (my other big beef from part 6), but you'll have to see that for yourself. We do get some good-byes, some setup for Secret Wars, and maybe 2 panels too many of Miles and Peter making sure we know that Miles is welcome in our universe. It all looks great -Camuncoli really is great at moving you through a page- and there are many exciting threads spinning out of this web that readers can get genuinely jazzed about. Great cover, too!

$3.99 / Marvel Comics

7 out of 10 Grahams

Suiciders #1
Written by LeeBermejo
Art by Patrick Gleason

Reviewed by John Robinson


 I really wanted to like this a lot more than I did.
   I'm a big fan of Lee Bermejo and it's been TOO LONG since I've cared about a new Vertigo title so I was hoping this would be the one.
It's not. Not to say that it's bad, it's not that either, it's just an okay comic that seems a lot like THE RUNNING MAN.
    Excellent Bermejo artwork like you'd expect but after issue #1, I'm certainly not hooked. Will try a few more issues in the hopes that it goes another direction...

$2.99 / DC Comics

8 out of 10 Grahams



Black Hood #1
Written by Duayne Swierczynski
Art by Michael Gaydos

Reviewed by
Brad Parkkonen


 Officer Greg Hettinger's life is drastically changed after he answers a call about gunmen in a middle-school parking lot. The story follows Hettinger as he deals with his wounds and the stress of having killed a man, a killing that divides his department, as the man he shot was a vigilante known as the Black Hood. Swierczynski brings us an intimate closeness with the thoughts and problems of Hettinger as he loses self control, and Gaydos' art sets a serious tone for the book, without placing too much emphasis on the dark and gritty. Fans of Marvel's Punisher will welcome this book with open arms, but don't expect it to follow directly in Marvel's footsteps, as the future of The Black Hood is exciting and intriguing and it can lead down any number of directions. 

$3.99 / BLACK CIRCLE Comics

9 out of 10 Grahams

All New X-Men #38
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by
ndrea Sorrentino
Reviewed by Gavin Rehfeldt

The Strangest Superheroes of All continue engaging with the Guardians of the Galaxy in The Black Vortex crossover event, which is thus far incredibly challenging to enjoy. The object at the center of the story can evolve a character to their supreme selves, or something, but it also makes them incredibly pompous, or evil, or something. Characters don't interact, they declare! I cannot recall a comic that so spun its wheels and moved characters around like pawns without a compelling motivation. Things blow up, characters get mad, and everyone's yelling about the Black Vortex...a lot. I love Bendis, but this is a disappointing effort from what was once one of his finest Marvel titles. Sorrentino's art has some striking gestures, but overall adds to the muddiness of the narrative.  directions.

$3.99 / MARVEL Comics

1 out of 10 Grahams



Spider-Gwen #1
written by Jason Latour
art by
Robbi Rodriguez
reviewed by Brad Parkkonen
I still haven't got around to reading Edge of Spider-Verse #2, so some of the elements in this issue were lost on me, as it is a continuation. But despite that, I really enjoyed this first issue and am going to continue picking it up. Gwen Stacy is Spider-Woman, Peter Parker is dead and J. Jonah Jameson has branded her a menace. This issue is very much a throwback to the original first issues of Amazing Spider-man, introducing the Vulture and giving Gwen her first real nemesis. The Mary Janes' story, as well as Gwen's estranged relationship with her father add a good deal of drama in an exciting, fun book. Jason Latour shows he knows how to write a mouthy superhero and Robbi Rodriguez's art is absolutely astounding. The action is great, as well as some of the little things, like Gwen's spider-sense.

$3.99 / MARVEL Comics

8 out of 10 Grahams


Darth Vader #2
writer by Kieron Gillen
art by
Salvador Larroca
reviewed by Kevin Healy

Marvel has hit the ground running with both of their Star Wars series, but Darth Vader is turning out to be the better book. After what amounts to a demotion (which has to suck if you're a sith lord), Vader is now under the hand of the only other Imperial survivor from the Death Star, Grand General Tagge (you might remember him from his complaints about security and his awesome mutton chops). He's sending Vader after smugglers and thieves. How would you feel if you were Vice-President in charge of Planetary Destruction the day before and now you essentially have a space broom handed to you are are told to clean up minor messes? You'd be angry, you'd be secretive, and you'd want to secure your place before things get any worse. If you're wondering if Vader kills someone in an interesting way to make sure his tracks are covered, the answer is sort of, but its pretty successful in re-establishing the chain of command. Salvador Larocca's art suffers a bit of the same drop off that John Cassaday's did with Star Wars #2, but not so much its a turn off. Gillen's got a firm grip on this material. More please.

$3.99 / MARVEL Comics

8 out of 10 Grahams

Secret Avengers #13
writer by Ales Kot
art by Michael Walsh

reviewed by Gavin Rehfeldt

   Kot's Secret Avengers run continues to be the best since Warren Ellis's run, with thrilling action, suspense, and intrigue braided with intelligent and goofball humor grounded in skillful characterization. M.O.D.O.K. shines brightly working alongside the Secret Avengers, who are all incredibly appealing. Maria Hill and Jessica Drew are given great small moments, but everyone has their moment to demonstrate why they are interesting and distinctive. Weird and cool Alan Moore creation The Fury works so well here. I hope to see her(?) present in future books, as I believe this is her(?) first appearance since Captain Britain. Deadpool thunders through a great pop-culture-reference-heavy sequence that is downright hilarious, and his presence is a brilliant addition to this zany adventure book. If Kot could tackle more Deadpool in the future, we would all benefit. One of Marvel's finest books, Secret Avengers also has delightfully rendered interiors by Walsh. Only two issues left!! I'm going to miss this one!!

$3.99 / MARVEL Comics

8 out of 10 Grahams



All New Hawkeye #1
All New Hawkeye #1 blank cover
All New Hawkeye #1 lemire variant cover
All New Hawkeye #1 women of marvel variant cover
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Angela Asgards Assassin #4
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Avengers World #18
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Hulk #12
Iron Fist Living Weapon #10
Marvels Ant-Man Prelude #2
Miracleman #16
Miracleman #16 leach variant cover
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Operation Sin #3
Princess Leia #1
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Return of Living Deadpool #2
Rocket Raccoon #9
Spider-Woman #5
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Hinterkind #16
Infinity Man And The Forever People #8
Justice League 3000 #15
Lobo #6
Names #7
New 52 Futures End #44
Swamp Thing #40
Wolf Moon #4
Wonder Woman #38 volume 4 second print

68 Jungle Jim Guts N Glory #1 cover a
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Altered States Vampirella #1
Angel And Faith Season 10 #12
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Army Of Darkness #4 vol 4 cover a
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Battlestar Galactica Death Of Apollo #4 cover a
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Itty Bitty Bunnies Cavalcade Contraband TPB
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Kill My Mother TPB
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Adventure Time Vol 6 TPB
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